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You need to fill up the Registration Form and indicate which Workshop or Course you are interested. Also indicate which months schedule suits you best. After receipt of your Registration, a confirmation E Mail will be sent to you. You will then have to pay the participation fees to confirm your Registration.

You can chalk out your own schedule and timings because most Workshops are conducted one-to-one basis. This helps you learn and practice at your own pace. After completion of each Session, you are expected to practice what you have learnt. Only when you think you have perfected the techniques learnt in the previous Session, you fix the date for the next Session. Outdoor Sessions are conducted in small groups.

If you opt for a compact 4 Session Workshop, you can spread over the Sessions over a period of 2 months. For the Basic to Advanced 8 Session you can spread over the duration to 3 months.

You need a Camera (SLR/DSLR or Point & Shoot), a keen eye and passion to improve your Photography Skills!

All DSLRs are good. However, there are a number of models with different specs which can make it quite confusing. It would be a good idea to join the Workshop before buying a DSLR. You will then know what the specs mean and which make and model is best suited for the type of Photography you are interested in. That way you will make a learned choice rather than ending up with something that doesn’t match your requirement. Also, we have tie-ups with different Camera vendors so you will get the best price.

The eyes behind the Camera can do wonders! Don’t feel restricted due to your Camera limitations. Some of the best pictures have been taken with box Cameras!

A DSLR gives you control over many features of the Camera. Different settings of Shutter Speed, f Stop and ISO allow you the capture the scene as you visualize it and want to show to the world! If you are passionate about Photography or if you want to take it professionally, a DSLR is must.

We can provide you with a DSLR during the Workshop Session. However, it makes better sense to have one of your own so that you can practise and do your assignments at home.

Presently, in Mumbai our Workshops are conducted in Chembur, Goregaon and Kharghar. In Kolkata, location is Salt Lake. If you are unable to travel to these locations, we could make arrangements for conducting the Session at your place. Additional charges apply. Details can be sent on request.

You can participate in the Online Workshop which is an interactive session conducted one-to-one and is as effective as you would have participated in person

You need to fill up the Registration Form and indicate which Workshop or Course you are interested in. After you get the confirmation E Mail from us you need to remit the participation fees and get started.

You need your Camera (DSLR or otherwise), a Computer, a telephone or mobile connection and Internet Connectivity (preferably Broadband). And of course, a keen interest!

The schedule and timings are flexible is open throughout the year. That means you can opt for a Session from the convenience of your home at your convenient time. You just need to inform us a few days in advance and fix your appointment with our expert. Total duration can be extended up to 3 months.

You will be given a unique ID and Password that will make you a Registered User during the duration of your Sessions. At the scheduled time, our expert calls you up on your telephone or mobile. On certain sessions that require face to face communication, we log onto Google Hangout or Skype. It will help if you have a webcam. However even if you don’t have one it will not matter much.

After each Session you will be given an assignment. On completion of the assignment you can post your pics in the Participants Gallery using your ID and Password for evaluation. When you have perfected the technique taught to you in the previous session, you are ready for the next Session.

You can spread over your Sessions to a period of 6 months for DSLR and upto 3 months for Point & Shoot camera courses. Sessions may be as many as you require and length of a session could be anything between 30 minutes to an hour as required.

Participants from other Countries may also join. Participation Fees vary from Country to Country. Details can be obtained on request.

Our Workshops and Courses are Certified by The Photographic Society of India (PSI). After completion of your Workshop/Course, you have the option of being evaluated by experts from PSI who will issue you a Certificate based on their evaluation. (Additional evaluation charges apply).

Being our Participant will entitle you to become a member of The Photographic Society of India. You can participate in their Monthly Contests, Monthly Outings and Salons etc. You will get the opportunity to widen your circle of in the fraternity of Photographers and interact with them through our blogs. Deserving participants get the opportunity to exhibit their pictures in Exhibitions and other forums. You will get the best price from our enlisted vendors when you buy new equipment or accessories.

Not very much different! Our experts have devised the Online Workshop in such a way that you will learn as much Online as you would have done participating in person.

Yes. Your evaluation will be conducted online by our Examiners.


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