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About Us

Omi Photography Institute gives your passion for photography the wings to fly. Whether you are inclined to bridal shoot, landscape shoot, street photography, cinematography, model shoots, or any other stream, we are always equipped to provide you with the right training and guidance. Our team of expert photographers is capable of providing you with the finest tips and tricks of photography.

We offer the optimal photography workshops and career-making courses for the ones who are passionate about photography and inclined to make a career out of it. We are one of the veterans in the world of photography and nurtured hundreds of successful photographers from our institution!

With the industry experience and excellence in photography, Omi Photography Institute has been making new horizons of visual arts. We are one of such photography institutes who has managed to gather the leading professionals of photography in the faculty. Thus, you will receive the best training and guidance throughout your time in our institution.

We take pride in ourselves for being one of the rarest photography institutions that are FIP (Federation of Indian Photography) affiliated. Each of our syllabuses and courses strictly follows the guidelines of FIP. Thus, it helps you make your career further in a more lucrative manner. All these aspects add feathers to our crown and make us the number one choice for the photographers with passion and a career goal.


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